The opening event of EFA 2013 was the Welcome reception at The Fitzwilliam Museum at 19:00 on Wednesday 28 August.  This was a drinks and canapes reception with full access to the museum and its temporary exhibitions.

In broad terms the conference sessions ran from 9:00 until 17:30, with breaks for refreshments and lunch, on Thursday and Friday of the event, and from 9:00 until 12:30 on Saturday 31 August, closing with a light lunch  taken ‘to go’.

The conference programme is available here.


The general format of sessions at EFA Annual Meetings is: 20 minutes to the presenter, 5 minutes to the discussant, and 5 minutes for general discussion/questions.

For presenters/discussants: Please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive or similar. Meet 10 minutes before your session starts in order to make sure that your file is accessible for your presentation or discussion. It will be possible to arrange access to the Internet via Eduroam, so you can access Dropbox, webmail or similar, if you should experience any problems with your USB device.

N.B. Please ensure you have an Eduroam account with your home institution to enable wifi access at the University of Cambridge locations.

AV specific information in regard to the session rooms

All Powerpoint Presentations should be tested in advance and saved in a .ppt or .pptx file. Powerpoint Presentations should be made as standard in 4:3 aspect ratio. Any Powerpoint for Apple Mac files should be tested on a PC version of Powerpoint before presentations begin. Any Memory Sticks for copying flies should be tested and non-corrupt. Please keep presentations in a clear and easy to read format and animations/transitions to a minimum.

Presentations in PDF format are perfectly fine.

There is no HDMI capability in any of the session rooms, all operate VGA.

On arrival in presentation rooms you should copy all files needed off your memory stick onto the desktop of the laptop in the room. Once copied you should run your presentations from the Powerpoint file on the desktop.

The laptop will already be connected to the projector.

For a doctoral student submitting a single-authored paper, submitting through the doctoral tutorial link first-order stochastically dominates submitting directly to the conference. The proof of this is left as an exercise to the student.